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With executive offices in Beijing and Shanghai, we are a holding company registered under the laws of the Cayman Island, through our subsidiaries and VIEs in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, we provide membership services such as study tours, conferences and forums for our individual members, and comprehensive tailored services, sponsorship advertising and consulting services for our enterprise clients, and we also provide our APP users online Mentors / Expert Q&A session, streaming of audio and video courses and programs.

We have started our operation as a consulting company providing enterprise services to small and medium-sized enterprises in the PRC since 2014, and launched our peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and enterprise service platform in May 2016. Since then, we have continued to expand and improve our platform, where knowledge is shared, and services are requested and provided. We operate our platform through our PRC operating entity, both online, via our mobile application “Shidonghui App” (the “APP”), and offline, through local offices directly operated by us in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, as well as 33 local centers operated by some of our Members in 25 cities and twelve provinces throughout the PRC.

Our mission is to become a leading knowledge sharing and enterprise service platform in China. When we launched our platform, our aim was not only to continue providing enterprise services to PRC’s growing business communities, but also create a marketplace where qualified entities (individuals and enterprises) have opportunities to serve as providers, and receive rewards by sharing their knowledge with others on the platform.

As of May 2019, our knowledge sharing and enterprise service ecosystem had approximately 400 Mentors, 700 Experts, 1,200 Members, and 4.98 million Users. In addition to serving our Users and Members, we continue to provide enterprise services to small and medium-sized enterprises in China through a dedicated team with ten full-time professional consultants, backed up by resources provided by third party institutional service providers such as investment banks and private equity firms, as well as our Mentors and Experts. Our providers (Mentors, Experts and consultants) are successful entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, and professionals with qualifications and achievements in major industries such as finance, energy, health care, technology, manufacturing and academia. Our core strength is the knowledge brought by our providers, highlighted by their experiences, wisdom, industry know-how, and social connections. Our founder and CEO, Mr. Haiping Hu, nicknamed “General Hu Haiping on Horseback”, has extensive leadership experience and is a well-known entrepreneur in China, our service providers bring a wealth of knowledge readily accessible to our Users, Members and Enterprise Service Clients , our rich offering combining both online and offline services and our platform builds long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients including our Users, Members and Enterprise Service Clients.

Our APP was released to the public in May 2016. The number of Users has increased from approximately 800,000 in May 2017 to approximately 4.98 million in May 2019, and the number of Members has increased from 139 in May 2016 to 1,215 in May 2019. To meet the growing demand of our Users, Members and Enterprise Service Clients for professional services and advice in a rapidly changing business environment, we have been continually expanding and improving our platform and services.