This APP is independently developed by SDH for learning exchange via intelligence sharing and monetization. It can realize such functions as online Q&A, online roadshow, resources presentation, audio & video courses learning. Our platform boasts 1,432, registered users reach 14 million.

  • Masters’ Q&A

    1432 registered mentors and experts 1 to 1 interactive Q&A, apply for experts certification can get the benefits of Q&A
  • 02

    Online Roadshow

    The roadshow materials of enterprises, products and projects can be uploaded, which can be read by everyone after being approved.
  • SDH Live Broadcasting

    Weekly live broadcasting of top mentor’s pragmatic dialogue and the past offline activity videos can also be watched.
  • 04

    Masters’ Curriculum

    Quality video course of practical tutors, covering management, brand, finance, etc
  • Masters’ Audio

    Audio curriculums of exclusive mentors and experts, covering investment, marketing and entrepreneurship, etc.
  • 06

    SDH Resources

    A comprehensive display of member enterprises, more precise resources through filtering search can be obtained
  • Offline Activities

    Online registration for offline activities of Current period and the introduction of previous activities also can be browsed.
  • 08

    Enterprise Diagnoses

    Fill in the information about the operation of the enterprise and the questions to consult, the enterprise diagnostic feedback can be obtained.

Advantage of APP

01 Resources Sharing

Charging members could share all resource from our platform, including resources of mentors, members and projects, audio & video Q&A sessions as well as other series of courses.

02 Targeted Community

This community opens only towards members at or above Platinum level, a real-name instant messaging community for entrepreneurs. This greatly improves the quality of effective communication. This big community consists of thousands of entrepreneurs, which offers real-time dialogue convenience for Platinum members to make friends and explore business opportunities and cooperation.

03 Efficient Connection

which will assist members to connect with mentors and meet various business needs of enterprises. Members may also quickly engage in cooperation with enterprises in the same line via company’s list showed in SDH’s resources.


In order to enhance the user experience, more personalized functions are set in “Discovery” of the APP, which makes the APP more open in social interaction with more diversified functions.
  • 师董圈图标

    Mentor board circle

    An open message board for sharing ideas. All members can make public comments and give a like. Following each other and adding friends are possible when friends in a common goal are met.

  • 紧急求助图标

    Emergency Help

    All kinds of urgent problems and needs can be uploaded, 14 million registered users give counsel for you, and all registered members can experience this service.

  • 开启直播图标

    Open live broadcasting

    Live broadcasting online can be started after real-name verification, while the live broadcasting can be forecasted. It is with tens of millions of platform exposure, hence good and creative ideas can get more display and attention.

  • 第三方服务图标

    Third party services

    A rich third-party service alliance team will provide individual members and enterprises with services in other areas that cover much wider and more comprehensive information.

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