Diamond Members' Rights and Interests

Visit and guidance of masters (free for 1 time)

The tutor of the Global Mentor Board will visit the diamond members’ enterprises for a two-day visit and guidance activity. Activities include enterprise diagnosis, strategic consultation, development discussion, intelligence sharing, and curriculum training and so on.

Master diagnosis activity (free for 2 times)

Master diagnosis forum is that the Global Mentor Board will invite the senior tutor to co-guide the participated enterprises to solve the development and growth problems. The participants can consult the Masters one to one for the solution.

High-grade forum (free for 1 time, with diamond ticket)

The high-grade forum is an expert activity which is constituted with 1 or more national-level leader, 3 or more internationally well-known entrepreneurs, and several industrially famous figures.

Apply for the Home of Global Mentor Board (Specially authorized rights, permanent)

The Home of Global Mentor Board is a member activity institute in various regions for Global Mentor Board, and it has the right to use the brand of Global Mentor Board, the resource of the platform and the activity support, which facilitates the all-round operation of the Home of Global Mentor Board.

Enrolled in the investment and financing projects service (free for 3 times)

In order to facilitate the investment and financing connection of high-quality projects of tutors and members, each year the Global Mentor Board will select some projects with good investment value, which will be presented through the release conference for the intended members to choose.

Enrolled in the Optimization of Global Mentor Board (enrolling for 1 year)

The Optimization of Global Mentor Board is an online demonstration and transaction to present the products of members.

Trade fair (hold for 1 time for free)

During the activity, the Global Mentor Board provides the booth, which can be used by the members to display their products, which is also helpful for the mutual communication and transaction among members.

President Class of Business in China (free for 6 times)

Business in China is a commercial training course organized by the Global Mentor Board to enhance the commercial thinking, knowledge and skills of members. Each activity includes the learning content for two days and one night. After six times’ study, the joint signature certificate of chairman Hu Haiping and the tutor.

Study tour of famous enterprises (free for 2 times)

The study tour in famous enterprises is the practical commercial activities open to members of the Global Mentor Board. The visiting objects are mainly the top 500 enterprises and leading enterprises in the world, it is to visit and learn the successful experience of advanced enterprises.

Offline presentation activity of Super Entrepreneur (free for 1 time)

The project of Super Entrepreneur is a stage for entrepreneurs to show their projects and obtain the attention of investment institutions and potential business partners. The top three entrepreneurs in the monthly offline presentation can obtain free consultation from tutors to sort out the project and summarize a simple consultation report, and the project will be introduced to 30 investment companies.